Greta Thunberg dances at pro-Sami protest in Oslo

STORY: Thunberg had on Monday (February 27) joined protesters demanding the removal of 151 wind turbines from reindeer pastures used by Sami herders in central Norway. They say a transition to green energy should not come at the expense of Indigenous rights.

Norway's supreme court ruled in 2021 that the turbines, erected on two wind farms at Fosen and part of Europe's largest onshore wind power complex, violated Sami rights under international conventions, but they remain in operation more than 16 months later.

The demonstrators have in recent days blocked access to some government buildings, putting the center-left minority government in a crisis mode.

On Wednesday (March 1) Thunberg was lifted and carried away by police officers from the finance ministry but was released along with other protesters who had also been detained.

The president of Norway's Sami parliament, an elected consultative body, will meet with the energy minister later on Thursday and demand an apology before discussing a solution, Silje Karine Mutoka told Reuters on Wednesday.