Greta Thunberg celebrates protest anniversary

It’s been three years since Greta Thunberg skipped school

for her first "Fridays for Future" protest

sparking what would become a global youth-led movement

CLIMATE ACTIVIST GRETA THUNBERG SAYING: “In one way of course I haven't achieved anything. In another way I have made lots of friends within the movement and we have been able to organise mass protests and it feels like more people are starting to wake up and demand change. Of course we're very very far from what would be enough, but still it's a step in the right direction. Of course that's no reason to relax and sit back and say that things are being taken care of. Rather, it's a reason to stand up even more and to fight even more and to be even louder."

Greta was joined in Stockholm by several fellow activists

who travelled from Europe to mark the day

GERMAN CLIMATE ACTIVIST LUISA NEUBAUER SAYING: "Three years ago today the climate strike started right here, and so we decided to unite today, also as a European movement, by coming here, some of us from many countries have travelled here, to strike together, to plan, to look at what's up next, and of course I'm also here in the midst of the German election campaign, so that's a big thing. Germany is a huge player, we have a huge responsibility, and right now all parties are failing to live up to that responsibility."

Now 18, Greta says she has no advice for her 15-year-old self

THUNBERG: "I don't usually spend time thinking about things I could have done. I rather try to do things I want to do now and try to impact the future instead of the past."

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