Greg Wallace explains how healthy eating instead of dieting helped him lose weight

Masterchef star Greg Wallace, 57, spoke candidly on Loose Women about his 4.5 stone weight loss. "I don't like diets, I don't think you should restrict yourself," he said. "It's all about healthy eating."

Video transcript

GREG WALLACE: Yeah, I'm probably fitter. Well, I am fitter and healthier now at 57 than I was at 27.

- That's incredible.

GREG WALLACE: And I've just, you know what, I've never went on a diet. I learnt about healthy eating. That's what I did. I eat three big meals a day. And I've been helping people now for a couple of years.

- Yeah?

GREG WALLACE: And I don't like diets. I don't think you should restrict yourself. It's all about healthy eating, and that's what I-- that's what I try to push.

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