Greg Gutfeld Brutally Mocks Kristi Noem After Last-Minute Cancellation

Hell hath no fury from a Fox News host scorned, as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem probably learned last night.

That’s because Greg Gutfeld doggedly went after the Republican governor after she canceled an appearance on his show to promote her new memoir, “No Going Back.”

Noem hoped the book would put her on the shortlist to be former President Donald Trump’s running mate for the 2024 election, but she has faced controversy because of passages in which she admitted shooting her dog and dubiously claimed to have met North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Noem has since had disastrous appearances on “Face the Nation” and “CBS This Morning,” as well as Fox Business and Newsmax.

On Tuesday, the governor cut her book tour short, saying she would be canceling her scheduled interviews because of weather concerns in her state.

“Gov. Noem has sold a lot of books on this tour and is back in South Dakota to be prepared for some potential emerging bad weather systems,” spokesperson Ian Fury told Real Clear Politics.

The governor’s announcement left a few media outlets in the lurch.

CNN’s Dana Bash announced that Noem wouldn’t appear on her show, “Inside Politics,” by highlighting some of her other recent appearances.

Noem “abruptly canceled last night,” Bash said. “We want to say that, Governor, you are of course welcome on the program anytime.”

But Greg Gutfeld wasn’t as forgiving. Instead, the conservative commentator and comedian had fellow Fox News talent Dana Perino stand for as Noem while he brutally mocked the governor.

“So, Dana, a.k.a. Gov. Noem, did you write the book yourself?” Gutfeld asked Perino.

“You know, that’s a great question for someone who wrote the book, and I don’t think I will dignify your question with a response,” Perino, posing as Noem, responded. “There are so many other important issues in the world, like animal cruelty.”

Gutfeld then asked Perino/“Noem” if she had actually read the book before it was published.

“I said some words that were written about me, and they were in a certain order of ― they call them sentences, and so I read those aloud. I don’t know if that means I read the book,” Perino/“Noem” said, before joking that her other dog was named Ghost Writer and “I killed him this morning.”

You can see the segment below.