Greenpeace stages protest at German ministry

STORY: Two 40-meter-long banners with "climate crimes" being written on them have been stretched out around that part of the building where the office of German Transport Minister Volker Wissing is located.

"That is why we demand of Volker Wissing not to continue to put the brakes on climate protection and transport," Tiemann added and pointed out that such measures would include a speed limit, a new new registration tax for cars that are particularly harmful to the climate and more investments in the railways.

"The attempt to criminalize climate activism distracts from the fact that the German government has just received confirmation from the Council of Climate Experts that it is not doing enough in climate protection, especially in the area of transport," said Tiemann.

The Council stated last Friday (November 4) that Germany will struggle to meet key climate targets under its current trajectory for greenhouse emissions cuts. Germany aims to become carbon-neutral by 2045 and cut 65% of emissions by 2030 compared with 1990, but current reduction rates are falling short, the first biennial report by the council showed.

The Council said the transport and construction sector needed to be restructured to reverse the trend. A change in consumer behaviour was also necessary and the government should impose strict limits on emissions volumes for all sectors, it added.