Greenpeace launches campaign to preserve jaguars

STORY: Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

This Greenpeace display is an effort to protect endangered jaguars

threatened by deforestation in south-central Argentina

The 3D projection warns about the risk to the roughly 20 jaguars

that remain in Argentina's Gran Chaco region

[Diego Salas, Director / Andean Greenpeace Program]

”In the great Argentine Chaco, part of the great American Chaco, which is the second green lung America has after the Amazon. The jaguar, the largest feline in the Americas, is on the verge of extinction. Due to the advance of the livestock and agricultural frontier, their habitat, the native forests, is being destroyed. There are only 20 left and we are here to denounce this situation and call on people to get involved and participate because it’s the last war we have against deforestation, a battle of 20 years of struggle reaches this last stage, the only way we have to save these last 20 jaguars is if people join us in this Greenpeace campaign.”

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