Greenpeace Activists Block Entrance to Rotterdam Oil Refinery

Greenpeace protesters blocked an entrance to an oil refinery owned by the Shell corporation in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on October 4, in support of a proposed law that would ban fossil fuel advertising and sponsorship in the European Union.

Greenpeace said the blockade involved its ship the Beluga II anchoring at the entrance to the Shell facility. Eighty activists were involved, the environmentalist group said. Video shows activists in kayaks and other small boats in Rotterdam port that day.

Police were reported to be removing the protesters. A Shell spokesman told Argus that refinery operations were not affected by Greenpeace’s actions.

The protest came as a group of NGOs launched a European Citizens’ Initiative, calling for a ban on fossil fuel advertising and sponsorship in the European Union.

“Fossil fuel companies, car companies and airlines have refused to change their polluting business, but use ads and sponsorships to present themselves as the solution to the climate crisis they caused,” Greenpeace campaigner Silvia Pastorelli said. Credit: @rosenpup via Storyful

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