Greek train rescuer: I'll never forget the bodies

STORY: "Where instead of saving lives we have to recover bodies. It is not something we like, it is not something we want to do, and it is something that will remain in our memory forever as much as we tried to get rid of it," said 40-year old Red Cross Konstantinos Imanimidis.

Rescuers combed through the buckled and crushed remains of carriages that derailed and then caught fire in a disaster that killed at least 42 people.

Imanimidis also described how the last days have been at the site, and with all those involved in the incident, including relatives.

"I will honestly say it was chaos, and all the rescue services tried to put things in order, it was unbelievably difficult, people were in a really bad state, their psychological state was also very bad."

Many of the passengers had to kick through windows to escape the flames. To identify some of the victims, relatives had to give DNA samples at a hospital in Larissa.