Greek mosaic floor graces new subway station

STORY: This Greek subway station has turned into a museum of ancient artifacts

Under their feet, passengers can admire a mosaic floor

and ceramic household objects dating back to the 4th century BC

Location: Piraeus, Greece

(Evangelos Kolovos, Attiko Metro project director)

“We have proven here in Piraeus that they can co-exist. And the result is obvious, I mean here in this station it is almost like a museum.”

The artifacts were discovered during the construction of a crucial subway extension

linking the country’s busiest passenger port to Athens airport

The excavation spanned ten years while a total of six stations were built

(Stella Chryssoulaki, Archeologist)

“The passenger will be given a small taste of an everyday moment in an (ancient) house of Piraeus, just like his own everyday moment when he passes through here, a house that is exactly beneath his city, and in this way we plant something pleasant in his daily life, something creative and new, something else, something he can think about when he is taking the train.”