Greece warzone: Firebombs and tear gas as students clash over education bill that plans to police universities

Heavy clashes in Thessaloniki Greece as hooded protesters clashed with police after the end of a rally where thousands marched against the Greek government's education bill that plans to police universities, around noon on April 15. The center of Thessaloniki was left in flames as violent clashes between protesters and Greek riot police took place in the northern Greek city. The protesters were demonstrating against a law that calls for police on the premises of Greek universities. A member of the Greek riot police, as well as a protester, have been injured after the clashes in Thessaloniki. Protesters hurl firebombs towards riot police and set up roadblocks outside the university premises in Thessaloniki. When police approached the campus, protesters with full-face masks attacked with dozens of incendiary bombs. A young protester was heavily injured when a petrol bomb exploded on his leg while policemen rush to put out the fire and arrest the rioter. The young man, who was arrested, was taken to the hospital under guard. Clashes continued as protesters stormed an adjacent construction site next to the university campus and hurled stones, Molotov bombs, and various building materials at police who responded with stun grenades. Demonstrators, among them students, teachers, and members of teacher unions, also protested in the Greek capital of Athens on Thursday, but no violence was reported. The group called for the law to be overturned as they marched through the center of Athens. Protesters in Thessaloniki demonstrated against police in universities, called for schools to reopen before clashes. The violent disturbances broke out as student protestors demonstrated against the Greek government’s bill that calls for a police presence in the country’s universities, the end of a decades-long policy of so-called “university asylum” in Greece.