Great Dane puppy is adorably angry with leaves on her driveway

Raven is a nine month old Great Dane puppy who is angry and curious at the same time when she sees a strange cluster of leaves on her driveway. Stirred by the wind moments before, the leaves had moved in a way that alarmed Raven and made her start barking and jumping around the small cluster.

She circles them, barking, pouncing, leaping back and trying to decide if the leaves are something to play with or something to chase away. It's a mixed reaction between anger and curiosity as she darts in as if to bite the leaves or pick them up. She can't decide why they don't run in fear when she lets out a "woof" in her Great Dane voice. One rustle of the leaves from a gust of wind and she would have tucked her tail and jumped back.

Great Danes are a fiercely loyal breed, but as enormous as they are, they are know for being extreme chickens. Great Danes are notorious for being afraid of ridiculous things and cowering during thunder storms. But anyone who has ever loved a Great Dane will tell you that they are one of the best breeds imaginable and that they are noble and brave when it comes to protecting their family.