'Great British Baking Show' Fans Absolutely Lost It After Noel Fielding Shared His Age on the Show

Kayla Keegan
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Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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  • The Great British Baking Show fans freaked out on Twitter after learning cohost Noel Fielding's age.

  • The comedian and TV presenter looks "perpetually 30," according to fans who were surprised to learn he is over the age of 45.

  • The latest episode of The Great British Baking Show comes to Netflix in the U.S. Friday, November 5.

Noel Fielding was all anyone could talk about on Twitter during The Great British Baking Show '80s week episode.

Instead of focusing on the competition at hand, fans of the baking competition became obsessed with the cohost's age. It all began during the latest episode when Noel and fellow cohost Matt Lucas referenced Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show, a British comedy series that ran in the mid-1980s, while introducing this week's showstopper challenge.

After rattling off references about the '80s show, Matt told the contestants, "that joke only works if you're over 45." Noel then chimed in, "If you're under 45, just carry on with Tiktok."

Apparently, these comments alone were enough to make viewers start Googling Noel and Matt's ages. Then, when they discovered that Matt is 46 and Noel is 47, fans started to lose it on Twitter.

"Noel Fielding is 47! Goths truly don't age," one viewer tweeted. "Noel Fielding is 47 years of age ... what [skincare] products does he use please, he is flawless," another added. "Catching up with Bake Off from last night and the biggest surprise so far is that Noel Fielding is 47 years of age. I thought he was perpetually 30," a different fan said.

Those who follow Noel know that he's a dad of two daughters and has a successful career as a comedian, writer, and actor. Along with his comedic partner Julian Barratt, Noel rose to fame in Britain via the Mighty Boosh comedy troupe. He has also scored his own comedy show on the U.K.'s Channel 4 called Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy.

Finally, in 2017, he joined The Great British Baking Show as a presenter alongside Sandi Toksvig (who left before the start of the latest season). Since then, he's quickly become a Baking Show fan favorite with his witty jokes and cheeky humor. Now, fans are finding him even more intriguing after learning that he actually isn't "perpetually 30."

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