Grant Hill 'at peace' with how career turned out, not having jersey retired

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Grant Hill’s resume is solid.

  • Seven-time All-Star

  • Five-time All-NBA selection

  • Rookie of the Year

  • Olympic gold medal

  • Two-time NCAA champion

The list could go on, and if not for major ankle injuries and a nearly fatal infection, the list would have gone on.

Yet, the Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer doesn’t have his No. 33 NBA jersey retired by any of the four teams he played for.

“I was at this last enshrinement for the Hall of Fame and texting with Chris Webber. We were talking about how when you are enshrined it almost validates everything about your career and everything that didn’t happen,” Hill told Yahoo Sports about having his jersey retired. “It’s almost like it doesn't mean a whole lot anymore. It’s almost like they’re in this rarified air now. But in saying that, yeah of course it would mean a lot.

“If it doesn’t happen, it still means a lot and it doesn’t change how I feel, the years that I had, and the experiences and relationships throughout the years.”

Hill’s 18-season pro career was interrupted in 2003-04 when his 2000 ankle injury lingered and he was forced to have a surgery that led to an MRSA infection that nearly killed him. Injuries continued to plague him in the latter half of his career, and he finally retired in 2013.

“I’m at peace with what happened, the ups and the downs. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t change it. I didn’t necessarily get to where I thought I could go. I’m proud of that point of my career, but I’m also proud of what I went through and how I was able to come out on the other end,” Hill told Yahoo Sports.

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