Grandpa With New iPhone Calls His Friends to Ask for Selfies

A grandfather in Columbus, Ohio, went viral after his grandson posted on social media on November 30 a video of him eagerly calling his friend and asking for a selfie.

Twitter user @ohchadwick said his grandfather recently got rid of his old flip phone in favor of an iPhone 8.

After his grandfather asked him to help set it up, he proceeded to call a friend and specifically request a selfie for his contact book.

The video shows @ohchadwick’s grandfather pacing up and down a living room and explaining his situation to a friend.

“He came over so I can help him with it, but so far he just wants to set pictures for all his contacts. He’s been calling all of his friends and requesting selfies,” @ohchadwick wrote.

The video had racked up over 1.6 million views at the time of writing. Credit: ohchadwick via Storyful