Grandpa With Alzheimer's Disease Gives Thumbs Up for Granddaughter's Piano Playing

A grandfather with Alzheimer’s disease gave a thumbs up to her granddaughter who was playing piano at her home in Alsace, France.

Sheela Awe self-recorded a video that shows her playing J.S. Bach’s Prelude in C Major when her 93-year-old grandpa walks into the room to watch. He then slowly approaches Awe and gives her a thumbs up.

In the caption on her TikTok video, Awe said her grandfather constantly asked who she was and where she lived. But as she played the piano, he enjoyed the music and stopped asking questions.

“Cherish your loved ones and make each moment count,” Awe wrote on the TikTok video caption. Credit: @sheelaawe via Storyful

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