Grandma of 3 Girls Opens Baby Boy Clothes, But Is Heartbroken After Realizing It's a Prank (Exclusive)

While expecting her third daughter, Sarah Gass bought gender-neutral baby clothes to fool her mom into thinking she was finally getting a grandson

<p>Sarah Gass | <a href="">@_life_of_sarah/tiktok</a></p> Sarah Gass

Sarah Gass | @_life_of_sarah/tiktok

Sarah Gass' gender reveal prank
  • While she was pregnant with her third daughter, Sarah Gass pranked her mom, Vickie, into thinking she was getting her first grandson

  • Vickie unwrapped several gender-neutral onesies with tearful excitement until she opened the last clothing item — a gray headband with a bow

  • Gass shared her mom's emotional reaction to the "gender reveal" ruse on TikTok, and the video currently has over 2.3 million views

Tears of joy turned to somber sobs when a grandmother of two girls had her hopes for a grandson dashed by a mischievously misleading sex reveal.

While expecting her third daughter, Sarah Gass filmed her mom, Vickie, unwrapping baby clothes meant to indicate the incoming baby’s sex. Vickie couldn’t hide her delight when she discovered only neutral-colored onesies.

“Oh my gosh … It’s a boy. I’m not seeing any pink so I know it’s a boy!” she exclaimed in the video Gass shared on TikTok, which has reached 2.3 million views on the app. The Tennessee-based grandma wept with heartening confidence as she unraveled more black, white and gray apparel.

“My mom thinking she finally got her grandson,” Gass wrote alongside the video, adding, “Wait for it."

When Vickie opened the bag’s final item — a gray headband topped with a bow — her mood instantly flipped. She gawked at her pregnant daughter and begged, “It is a boy, right?"

Between laughs, Gass copped to the ruse and revealed that she wasn’t expecting a son after all, and Vickie’s disbelief dissolved into disappointment.

<p>Sarah Gass</p> Sarah Gass and mom Vickie

Sarah Gass

Sarah Gass and mom Vickie

“Sarah, you’re so mean!” she chastised with the headband in hand. Though Vickie’s demeanor lightened up by the end of the video, Gass acknowledged her prank’s emotional intensity on TikTok: “I immediately knew I messed up,” she said in the caption.

The triple girl-mom posted the clip last month and garnered over 135,000 likes, but Gass tells PEOPLE she recorded it in 2019. The gray, red-herring onesies were meant for her youngest daughter, Thea, who is now 4 years old. Her first two daughters, Kirra and Emerie, are ages 12 and 10, respectively.

<p>Sarah Gass</p> Sarah Gass' mom Vickie and daughters Kirra, Emerie and Thea

Sarah Gass

Sarah Gass' mom Vickie and daughters Kirra, Emerie and Thea

Even though she took a while to share the video online, Gass says she thought people would get a kick out of Vickie’s earnest reaction to the prank.

“I honestly didn't expect that much emotion to come out of her because she's not somebody that gets overly excited or overly upset,” Gass tells PEOPLE. "I really do want to start posting more videos [of her] … because she's fun to pull pranks on.”

The professional hair stylist adds that her mom wasn’t alone in hoping for a male addition to their family.

“We just don't have any boys on my side of the family,” Gass says. Vickie and her late husband adopted Gass when she was 11 years old, but she only has sisters in her birth family, too. When Vickie’s only son died, she adopted his daughter as well.

<p>Sarah Gass</p> Sarah Gass' daughter and mom Vickie

Sarah Gass

Sarah Gass' daughter and mom Vickie

While their baby boy wishes were very real, the sex reveal prank was conducted in good fun, and the mother-daughter duo still laugh about it to this day. Plus, Thea’s ultra-girly personal style adds a layer of irony to the full story.

Gass says she didn’t buy the gray baby clothes for pranking purposes only; after her first two daughters, she decided to lean away from all things pink.

“I wanted everything to stay more neutral, I didn't want the bright pink,” she recalls. Her third-born had other plans: “Now [Thea] literally refuses to wear anything but pink and long dresses,” Gass tells PEOPLE.

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