Grandfather in China turns to selling cosmetics online to raise funds to save grandson suffering terminal disease

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 12 — A 72-year-old man in China is not letting his age stop him from diving into the world of online selling to save his grandson.

Pensioner Zhu Yunchang promotes beauty products online to try to raise funds for his grandson Xiao Jingyan, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, Oddity Central reported.

When first diagnosed six years ago, doctors had given Xiao 18 months to live but to date, thanks to a drug costing 700,000 yuan (RM450,987) imported from the US, Xiao is still alive.

Zhu got involved in saving Xiao after the boy’s parents could not raise enough money to get the drug despite selling their house and borrowing money from relatives.

When he first started, Zhu knew nothing about beauty products but that did not stop him from contacting make-up manufacturers to ask for free samples.

Manufacturers approached by him, however, rejected his request thinking that senior citizens would not be able to sell their products.

Despite the rejection, Zhu did not give up but instead he went to a shop selling cosmetics to learn how to apply their product including taking notes on technical terms used.

After starting to do live-streaming, Zhu’s popularity grew and he started to earn a decent amount of money that went towards Xiao’s treatment.

Thankfully, some of Xiao’s medication has now been added to the insurance list in China, so the financial burden on the family has eased considerably.

“If my grandson can walk like a normal child, I will feel relieved when I close my eyes,” he reportedly said.