Grand Central Madison: largest U.S. passenger rail terminal since '50s

STORY: This is the largest U.S. passenger rail terminal to be built since the '50s

Location: New York

The 700,000-square-foot ‘Grand Central Madison’ is nearing completion

sitting below Grand Central Terminal and Madison Avenue

[Kathy Hochul, New York Governor]

"I'm proud to announce that this new LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) terminal, we called Grand Central Madison, is what we're unveiling here today, our new logo. And you can see a lot of thought went into the naming process. Grand Central, Madison. OK. Put the two together. Don't have to overcomplicate these things sometimes, but it is impactful and it's very descriptive of what's going on here. But when you're talking about a place as iconic as Grand Central, you can't change that. This conjures up the images of glory in a time of early 1900s, 1911, 1912, when the world was stunned by the majesty of this building itself and how it has expanded and morphed into such a critical lifeline for this community and connecting the far reaches of places like Long Island to now to this central core."

The $11.1 billion project was plagued by major cost overruns and delays

but is now on track to open in December 2022

"This is an exciting day. It is a significant milestone. And I cannot wait to take the first official ride as we welcome it before the end of this year in 2022. Thank you."