Grain Silos in Port of Beirut Partially Collapse Almost Two Years After Deadly Explosion

A section of grain silos in Lebanon’s Port of Beirut collapsed on Sunday, July 31, days before the second anniversary of the deadly 2020 Beirut Explosion that killed over 200 people.

According to local news reports, a fire ignited by fermenting wheat and grains that remained in the damaged structure broke out at the silos in early July of 2022.

In a statement released after the collapse, the Port of Beirut said reports the port would stop receiving wheat shipments were false and that it had measures put in place in advance to deal with such an incident.

This drone footage uploaded to Ici Beyrouth’s Facebook page shows the collapsed portion of the silos and flames still burning at the site. Credit: Ici Beyrouth via Storyful

Video transcript


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