Graffiti artist creates giant mountaintop artwork

This is a giant piece of mountaintop graffiti

Location: Moleson mountain, Swiss Alps

French artist, Saype, says he created the artwork

in order to lift people’s spirits

using only biodegradable paints

"Here, I painted a little boy who is blowing just like those toys you had when you were a kid that blow bubbles and create clouds. And the idea is that, my work always interacts with the environment and I feed on the environment and the work feeds on the environment. There is a bit of both. And I have to create a real synergy between the work, the space around it and the aesthetics of the place. It (the place) is known for having lots of clouds. So I used this place for this artwork and I connected it with the clouds, childhood as well as the news because that's also what I wanted to do. I think we live in a world that induces anxiety and we need a little lightness. So I believe that the clouds mean dreams and imagination -- when we were kids, we liked to imagine shapes in the clouds, and so on -- and I believe that this is a moment where we have to breathe and also imagine the world of tomorrow, with a certain lightness, through daydreaming."

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