Grace Chow's fans: Do not go back to Show Lo!

21 May – While Grace Chow has yet to release any statement regarding Show Lo's love letter to her that he posted on social media recently, fans of the internet influencer were not at all amused by the singer's most recent effort.

Following the release of Show's 7000-word letter, many of Grace's Weibo followers flooded the comments section of her account to persuade her not to fall for Show's lies again.

One netizen wrote, "Sis, do not be fooled by this rhetoric! Don't reconcile with him. He is a scum!", while another posted, "Grace, don't be soft-hearted! He is just trying to confuse you!"

Meanwhile, another Weibo user shared a long message reminding the social media influencer that going back to Show would only cost her most of her fans and followers.

"You will lose if you go back to him. Nobody will feel bad about your situation anymore. If you do so, no matter how hard your life is in the future, you will be on your own. No one will support you. Think about it again, sis!"

Meanwhile, some expressed their support for Grace to rekindle her romance with Show, with one saying that a man can change and be better.

"If he realises his mistake, it is up to you to forgive him," one netizen posted.

On 20 May, Show Lo broke his silence about his breakup with Grace not with a press conference like most celebrities would do, but by writing an open letter reminiscing all the good times he shared with her throughout their relationship, with his last words serving as another apology for hurting her.

(Photo Source: Grace Chow Instagram)