Grace Chan gets flak for sharing travel photos


6 Dec – There will always be someone that netizens will point their fingers to when two best friends drift apart, and when it comes to Kenneth Ma and Kevin Cheng, the blame was directed to the latter's wife, Grace Chan.



As reported on Oriental Daily, Kenneth recently admitted that Kevin will not be attending his wedding, but that he understood the decision, seeing that Kevin is now a father of three children and would have problem leaving them for a few days to attend a wedding.

Kevin also admitted to this, saying that he would have a better chance attending the wedding if it was held in Hong Kong instead of overseas. He reiterated that he wants to focus on taking care of his family, and that it is difficult for him to fly away to be at a wedding, albeit Kenneth being one of his best friends.

Netizens, who saw Kevin's interview, couldn't help but pointed out that his wife Grace Chan has travelled abroad many times despite having three children. They stated that not only did she go overseas for work, she also left her family behind during Halloween to party with friends.


Grace was slammed for going on an overseas trip
Grace was slammed for going on an overseas trip


The actress also shared a video of her trip to Morocco on social media on 4 December, saying that it's been a long time since she went on a holiday trip.

Netizens who saw the photos of Grace on her trip couldn't help but speculated that it was Grace who didn't let Kevin leave.

One even said, "You have time to go on a trip, but your husband doesn't have time to go to Kenneth's wedding?"

"Is the wife the reason for discord between her husband and his friends?" asked another.

Meanwhile, others defended the actress, saying that Grace is always abroad for business and that Kevin's decision has nothing to do with her.

(Photo Source: Grace Chan IG, Oriental Daily)