GPS: We’ll ask for more ministerial posts in Putrajaya if we win big in GE15 and be part of govt

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

SONG, Nov 10 — Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) said today it would ask for more ministerial posts if it wins convincingly in the 15th general election (GE15) and is invited to form the federal government with other political coalitions.

Its secretary-general Datuk Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi then urged Sarawakian voters to give their full support to all the GPS candidates contesting in the general election.

“We want to win all of the 31 seats contested,” he said at the meet-the-people session at Rumah Jarup longhouse in Sungai Sempadi in Katibas near here.

“We will then have a much stronger representation and voice in the Parliament, having a formidable force in protecting our rights, fighting for our fair share of the federal development budget and so forth,” he said.

He noted that the GPS Kenyalang logo is now the preferred political symbol in the state, especially in most rural areas .

He said in last year’s state election when it was used for the first time, he was quite jittery about its recognition, acceptance, appreciation and support by the people.

He said GPS winning 76 out of 82 seats contested in the state election showed that it was accepted by the people.

“In Kapit Division, GPS won in Katibas, Pelagus, Bukit Goram and Balleh seats,” he said, adding that the decision to form GPS was right.

“I am confident we can still do well in this parliamentary election. There is a feel-good factor among the people for GPS to win big,” he said.

Nanta said he is confident of retaining his Kapit seat in the general election, adding that his Opposition rivals were relying on mere lies and accusations to unseat him.

He said they had no concrete plans, strategy or fund to implement any effective development.

Nanta, who is the caretaker minister of domestic trade and consumer affairs, denied accusations that he had done little to prevent the increase in prices of food and other necessities.

“In 2020, the ministry was given a budget of RM150 million for subsidies and last year, I managed to increase it to RM200 million,” he said, adding that many accusations were exaggerations.