Government submits revised mobilization bill to parliament

A new draft law on mobilization has appeared in the Rada
A new draft law on mobilization has appeared in the Rada

The Cabinet has registered an updated draft law on mobilization and military service with the Ukrainian parliament, government parliamentary representative Taras Melnychuk announced on Jan. 30.

So far, the full text of the document is not available on the parliament's website. However, Ukraine's Defense Ministry has published the key provisions of the revised bill.

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Notably, all groups of people with disabilities will be exempted from the draft, and the amounts of additional monthly compensation will be fixed at either UAH 30,000 ($794) or UAH 100,000 ($2,644) while martial law remains in effect.

The proposed changes also include:

- freed POWs will receive 90 days of leave upon returning home;

- volunteers will receive a two-month draft deferment;

- all mobilized individuals will undergo 2-3 months of training;

- conscription service is abolished, replaced with basic training for citizens aged 18-24 years;

- military registration will become universal and digitalized, eliminating visits to military recruitment centers to update personal information;

- civil servants no longer exempt from the draft: government institutions will be able to apply to have up to 50% of their employees being granted deferment.

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Ukrainian MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak later published the text of bill, which includes proposals to lower the draft age to 25 years, establish terms for demobilization—36 months, introduce voluntary mobilization for convicts, restrictions for draft dodgers, and serving mobilization notices via the internet.

The initial version of the bill was submitted on Dec. 25, 2023. After drawing sharp criticism from the parliament, it was withdrawn on Jan. 11.

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