Government Building Vandalized During Protests in Atlanta, Georgia

A group of people were filmed vandalizing the Georgia Department of Public Safety headquarters in Atlanta during the early hours of July 5, sparking a fire that reportedly injured two agency employees.

In this footage shot by local Kimberly Krautter, a group of people clad in dark clothes can be seen gathered on United Avenue outside the government building. Against a background of continuous drumming and intermittent explosions, some of the group can be seen throwing flaming objects through street-front windows.

Media citing local officials said a group of up to 100 protesters caused “extensive damage” to the facility, including breaking several windows.

Krautter told Storyful she heard the drumming at “approximately 2:00am after our Independence Day celebration,” adding that the crowd initially seemed peaceful.

“They were not chanting or otherwise making a disturbance until three or four individuals shot small fireworks, broke a plate glass window and tossed a flaming object into the office,” she said. Credit: Kimberly Krautter via Storyful