Gotta catch ‘em both: Cosplayers arrested at the mall for carrying fake guns

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The drama lasted one episode at the Atria Shopping Mall in Damansara Jaya on Sept 18 when two cosplayers were detained for allegedly possessing imitation guns while in public.

The two young males, aged 15 and 24, were alleged to have been in full cosplay costumes while attending the “Let’s Anime Cosplay” event hosted inside the mall. Their costumes were said to include phoney weapons that looked like real guns and explosives.

After a report was filed against the two suspects, Petaling Jaya district police were dispatched to make the arrests. According to a statement from the police, the two suspects were taken into custody around 4.30 pm on the same day.

They allegedly had two hand grenades, a Glock handgun, and an M4 rifle, all of which were fake.

In accordance with Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code, both suspects have been detained for a period of three days until Sept 20.

The phoney guns and the absence of any prior criminal activity on the part of the two suspects were also verified by Petaling Jaya District deputy police head Supt Ku Mashariman Ku Mahmood.

Ku Mashariman continued by advising the public to abstain from purposefully purchasing or carrying any type of fake firearm since doing so is illegal.

If found guilty, one can be charged under section 36(1) of the Weapons Act 1960, which carries a jail sentence of no longer than a year, or a fine of RM5,000, or both.

Looks like both of them made a Colossal mistake in turning up in full costume for a mild-mannered mall event. Save your final form for something bigger, boys!