'You Got This': Young Girl's Video Shows Special Bond With Showjumping Pony

A young girl who has fostered an affectionate relationship with her pony, Flower, filmed their special bond via a headcam as they went round a showjumping course at Loch Moy Farm in Adamstown, Maryland.

In footage posted by the young girl’s mother, Debbie Reichert, on TikTok, Keira, the young girl in the footage, can be heard offering warm words of encouragement to Flower as they approach various types jumps.

She can also be heard appealing to the animal to focus, particularly at the beginning of the footage as they begin their round.

At one stage she tells Flower, “This one I know is a pheasant feeder so it looks a bit weird, but it’s actually really, really easy.”

Perhaps spurred on by the encouragement the pony clears the obstacle, much to the approval of Keira who showers her with praise upon landing.

Speaking to Storyful, Debbie Reichert said, "[Keira] got this pony to trust her over a period of a couple years – she plays her guitar and has conversations with her like a human.

“Flower soon started jumping high jumps and began doing things that a pony her size wouldn’t be able to do.”

She added, "The week before this event, Keira had to retire Flower from a competition because she was so nervous and worried. But in this competition, Keira talked her through every event and gave her confidence.

“We believe that her trust in Keira helped her out immensely – it’s a positive story of hope and perseverance.” Credit: Debbie Reichert via Storyful

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