Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester reveals what it's like to work with husband Adam Brody

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Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester is rather enjoying working with her husband Adam Brody on Single Parents.

Brody was recently welcomed back to the series as Derek, Angie's (Meester) ex and the father of her child.

While filming the season 2 finale back in February, Meester opened up to Entertainment Tonight about how Brody has become a natural fit for the show.

"He is the baby daddy. In real life and not real life," She said. "Sometimes I'll be like, 'Oh yeah, I forgot I'm married to you'… But it's been really nice having him here. He's very much a part of the family."

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Meester and Brody already have a daughter together, and are now expecting a second child.

"Our daughter was like, 'You've been at work for so long.' It's like, I've been here for one day," she continued. "She's like, 'Both of you guys can't work at the same time.'"

Asked how Brody's on-screen performance as a dad compared to his real-life fatherly ways, Meester said: "On the show, he's such a little dumby and it's very cute and he's very handsome.

"In real life that's 98 percent not true. He's mostly, totally, like a grown-up."

Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images

It's a good job Brody has managed to fit in so well, because Single Parents co-creator has teased that he could become a series regular.

"We sure hope so. The way we ended season 2, Derek is even more a part of Angie’s life (and even more of a thorn in Will’s side).

"So we imagine Derek being a huge part of season 3. Honestly, he has become such an important part of our ensemble, we can’t imagine doing the show without him."

Single Parents airs on ABC in the US.

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