'Gosh, She's Beautiful': Dad Smitten as Family Surprises Him With Puppy

A father in Hamilton, Ontario, was enamored and emotional when his family surprised him with an adorable, fluffy, blue-eyed puppy after his return from a business trip.

The moment was captured on camera by daughter Roslyn Witter, who posted it on TikTok where she described it as “the most wholesome thing you’ll see all day.”

In the video, Roslyn’s father, utterly smitten with the family’s newest addition, showers the puppy with compliments and cuddles.

Witter told Storyful that her father had no idea her mother was planning to get the puppy while he was away.

“My parents lost their 15-year-old dog last year, and they have both been having a really hard time with it and have been finding the house to be very lonely,” Witter said. “My dad fell in love with this puppy instantly. They’re going to have a very special bond.” Credit: Roslyn Witter via Storyful