GOP Streams Protesters' Attempts to Enter Oregon State Capitol

The Oregon Republican Party streamed efforts by protesters to break into the State Capitol in Salem during a COVID-19 relief special session on December 21, as state police declared the protest an unlawful assembly.

Oregon Police also said at least one of the protesters used chemical agents against them, with police using inert pepper balls in return.

“On December 21, 2020, around 8:30 am during the third special session protesters were able to gain access to the Oregon State Capitol,” wrote the police in a press release. “The Oregon State Capitol is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Oregon State Police and Salem Police were able to get everyone out of the building. Two individuals refused to leave the building and were taken into custody.”

The anti-lockdown rally was organized by the right-wing group Patriot Prayer. “Get your city and county officials to open up their jurisdictions in keeping with your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS,” wrote the group in an event post. “Show that we will no longer tolerate the lockdown and will act to protect our rights to life and property.”

Footage posted on the Oregon Republican Party shows a group of people gathered outside the State Capitol. It also shows a number of people attempting to force open a door of the building. Credit: Oregon Republican Party via Storyful