Goose Attacks Woman Who Steps Too Close to Nest at Jacksonville Parking Lot

A Canada goose swooped down on an unsuspecting victim at a parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, after they took a step too close to its nest.

Footage shared to TikTok by Victoria Willard in March shows a woman throw her things to the ground after being ambushed by the goose, who Willard said was protecting its nearby mate and eggs.

Shortly after the goose attacked the woman, another parking lot patron can be seen approaching the geese and getting into his car — which he manages to do unscathed.

The car distracts the goose, and the woman can be seen seizing the opportunity to run over and pick up her belongings.

Willard told Storyful that she began recording after her supervisor said he was attacked while walking to the building, and she wanted to “see if it would happen again”.

An update posted by Willard to TikTok on April 16 shows a gosling walking around with the geese in the lot. “Finally! Now we can get to work safely each morning,” she wrote. Credit: Victoria Willard via Storyful

Video transcript

- Walking away.

- I see it. Did it go [INAUDIBLE]?

- No.

- No, I see it right there.

- Don't go out these front doors.

- Yeah, y'all pray for me.

- Oh, no, we're going to laugh at you.

- Oh, she's getting out. Somebody getting out. Somebody getting out.

- Uh-oh. Jesus, fix it.

- Oh, and she ain't even paying attention.

- Lord Jesus, fix it. No. No. No!


- She dropped everything.


- She's still running.


She ran all the way to the other side.

- Yeah, she dropped everything. Look, maybe--

- We got to show her what a [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, forget that shit.

- Oh, look.

- Look, the nosy people coming out to [INAUDIBLE].

- Oh Jesus, fix it, Jesus. Please tell me that got [INAUDIBLE]. She ain't getting that phone, nothing. She dropped everything.

- Yeah, she can't even get herself, because he's not--

- Look at the mama. She's scared. [LAUGHTER] She forget all her stuff.

- Oh, she dropped her phone. Everything, yeah, it's out there. This-- this daddy duck, what do they even [INAUDIBLE]. Good that goose ain't playing.

- That is horrible.

- Oh my gosh.

- Doku getting it. He definitely getting it.

- We know he went out. We know he went out.

- (LAUGHING) I got to get my [INAUDIBLE].

- Listen, this video's three minutes long. I know where I can send it.

- Oh my gosh. How do I turn this around? She ain't-- she ain't even going to get her phone?

- She ain't going to get nothing. She left.


- Look at him.

- Joseph.

- It isn't funny. Oh, he got-- he got Joseph. He got Joseph.

- Oh my gosh.

- Look at Kelly. Look at Kelly. Look at Kelly. Look at Joseph.


- Doku getting out. They look.

- Oh my gosh.

- No, that lady just got attacked over there. Get in the car. Oh, don't go on that side, Joseph.

- Oh my gosh, he is crazy. Uh-oh.

- Get in the car, Joseph. OK, he got in.

- He didn't bother him.

- That lady right there that you see walking, she just got attacked. All that stuff on her floor right there. Oh, he gonna hit her. Look at that lady. Look at that lady. He trying to block her. Yeah, look, she-- Kelly. All right, lady.

- Oh my gosh.

- He got in there. He got in there. He almost got her though. Look at Kelly. Look at Kelly. Look at Kelly. Kelly not playing around, yo.

- Yo, this bird is crazy. Look at that lady.


That is. That's horrible.

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