How Google wants to simplify the archiving of your administrative documents

·1-min read
Information technology allows you to simplify the management of all your administrative documents.

Google is currently experimenting in the United States with a brand new application that can help users digitize and organize personal archives. Stack allows you to scan your documents -- administrative and others -- and to easily find your way through all this dematerialized paperwork, thanks to a dose of artificial intelligence.

With Stack, the idea is to be able to digitize a maximum number of documents and to be able to find them easily afterwards. Its operation is extremely simple, their digitization is done via the camera of one's smartphone. Once the document is scanned, it will be automatically converted into PDF, named, saved and then classified in a suggested category, which can always be changed in case of error. A copy of each document can also be automatically saved on Google Drive so that it can be easily found from any connected device.

Stack is therefore able to identify as much information as possible in each document, such as "total amount due" or "due date." This will make it easier to search and access any document recorded in this way. With Stack, it is possible to find any document through a simple search of the text it contains, and not only from its title. In addition to the space saving that this solution can provide, intended to digitize all or part of one's administrative documents, invoices and others, it is also the simplicity of finding any document that makes this new tool appealing.

For obvious security reasons, and in order to avoid allowing just anyone access to confidential documents, unlocking the application can be tied to face or fingerprint recognition.

Stack is currently only available on Android in the US.

David Bénard