Google subsidiary bankrupt in Russia - Ifax

STORY: The Russian subsidiary of Alphabet’s Google has submitted a bankruptcy declaration.

That’s according to Russia’s Interfax agency Friday (June 17), citing online court filings.

The subsidiary announced plans to file for bankruptcy in May when authorities seized its bank account.

Google said the seizure made it impossible to pay staff and vendors.

Russia has restricted access to other U.S. tech giants this year, including Twitter and Facebook.

It comes after Moscow sent thousands of troops into Ukraine in February.

The Kremlin had put Google under pressure for months and accused it of not deleting content it sees as illegal.

Russia has also attacked Alphabet for restricting access to some local media on YouTube.

Google will stay in the country to some degree, though.

YouTube will stay online for now.

Google also said free services like Maps and Gmail would stay up for Russians to use.

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