Google, Sonos head to trial over smart speakers

STORY: Sonos and Google will face off in a San Francisco trial on Monday (May 8).

It's over claims Google copied Sonos' patented smart-speaker technology.

The tech giant is accused of using that tech in wireless audio devices like Google Home and Chromecast Audio.

The case is part of a large intellectual property dispute between the former business partners.

There are further lawsuits in the U.S., Canada, France and elsewhere.

Sonos has asked the court for $90 million in damages from Google in the San Francisco case.

That's down from $3 billion after a U.S. judge narrowed the case.

Sonos alleges Google infringed two of its patents related to multi-room wireless audio.

Google said the case relates to specific features that are not commonly used, and accused Sonos of 'mischaracterizing' their partnership and technology.

Sonos declined to comment on the dispute.