Google may be working with Garmin on satellite texting for Android 14

 Google Pixel 7a review back angled sticky notes
Google Pixel 7a review back angled sticky notes

Google has previously confirmed that texting via satellite link will be an option in Android 14, and a new leak based on hidden snippets of code suggests that Garmin is going to be helping to make this a reality.

Developer Neil Rahmouni (via SamMobile) spotted the as-yet-unused code snippets in question, which mention a "Garmin Response" option for users wanting to get some support with their satellite texting inside Google Messages.

Rahmouni previously reported that satellite connectivity was coming to Google Messages, which is the default SMS application for Android. However, the developer himself warns that "everything is subject to change" at this point.

Garmin already has several products with satellite communication capabilities on the market. The company uses the Iridium satellite network, so it would appear that Android is going to tap into the same system for its own features.

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As we've already seen from the iPhone 14, satellite connectivity on a smartphone isn't designed for streaming 4K video – at least not yet. It's there for sending emergency messages if you can't connect to a standard cellular network.

Almost a year ago, senior vice president of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer said that the feature would be available in Android this year. It's not turned up in any of the early beta releases, but it looks almost ready to go.

Garmin's existing network covers more than 150 countries, so presumably Android 14 would do the same. You are going to need a phone with a satellite modem inside it though – something not many have right now, as the feature hasn't gone live yet.

Handsets such as the Google Pixel 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S24 should arrive on the market with both the necessary hardware and the necessary software for satellite communications – which may well be delivered courtesy of Garmin.

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