Google may have accidentally revealed the Pixel 8a is coming soon

 Google Pixel 7a.
Google Pixel 7a.

The next phone we're expecting from Google is the Google Pixel 8a, and while there's been no official word in regards to the upcoming mid-ranger, we may have the next best thing, from the Android bug tracker that's publicly available online.

On a thread referring to battery stats (via 9to5Google), a Google software engineer says the feature will return for the Pixel 8a phone. It's not the grandest phone launch we've ever seen, but we'll take it as a sure sign that the successor to the Google Pixel 7a is on the way.

The thread on the Android bug tracker was started because a particular screen – showing additional information about battery health – was added in the software and then removed. As per the thread, it's going to make a comeback with the Google Pixel 8a.

Presumably that also means we're going to get these stats, including charging cycle counts and the battery's date of manufacture, on other Pixel phones too. It may then roll out to all Android devices with the introduction of Android 15 later this year.

Prices and packaging

Google IO 2023
Google IO 2023

Our Google Pixel 7a review will refresh your memory as to the mid-range handset that Google put out last year. It was announced at Google IO 2023 in May (as was the Pixel 6a the year before), and the Pixel 8a should follow the same launch schedule.

As far as pricing goes, the Pixel 7a was originally priced at $499 / £449 / AU$749. Expect something similar with this year's model, though there have been whispers that the cost might go up again (the Pixel 7a also cost more than the Pixel 6a).

We've seen a handful of Pixel 8a leaks and rumors so far: a benchmark spotted in August was rather underwhelming in terms of processor performance, though we're hoping the phone might have been significantly optimized since then.

The handset will apparently come with a 6.1-inch screen, matching the Pixel 7a, and we've also had a sneak peek at the Pixel 8a packaging. The date for Google IO 2024 hasn't been set yet, but this phone may well get its unveiling there.

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