Google Maps will give users a real bird's-eye view of major cities

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Google Maps will soon offer a 'flyover' view of London in 3D.

Among the many announcements made during the Google I/O conference in Mountain View is one that will delight Maps users. It will soon be possible to navigate above some of the world's major metropolises rendered digitally in 3D. In addition to driving through the streets with Street View, you will be able to 'fly' over them like a drone with Immersive View.

Google Maps counts more than a billion users worldwide. These users will soon have a chance to check out a new feature that is both useful and pleasurable. The feature brings in maps that are much more immersive and intuitive. In the coming months, it will become possible to, in essence, 'fly' over the streets of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and London. This feature, called "Immersive View" will be available in 2022, on all types of devices. More cities should follow in 2023.

To achieve this immersive 3D bird's-eye view from above, Google used artificial intelligence to skilfully mix billions of satellite photos and Street View. This new feature will allow viewers to better understand the layout of these cities, their monuments and their various points of interest. Of course, the classic information and tips from Google Maps are superimposed on these images to provide a comprehensive picture. Some establishments (such as shopping malls, restaurants...) can even be visited from the inside in the same way, as if a bird equipped with a camera was entering the place before flying out and heading to another district.

Among other announcements concerning Maps, Google plans an update for eco-friendly routing, itineraries that are more fuel-efficient. This service, available now in the United States and Canada, will expand to other regions, including Europe. The aim is to contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and help drivers save on fuel expenses.

Finally, Live View, a technology that allows people to be guided in augmented reality with arrows and practical instructions embedded in the screen, will be made available to developers. Startups will be able to use it within their apps in order to help their customers get to their homes or to their own services.

David Bénard

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