How Google Maps can help you be more eco-friendly

·1-min read
Google Maps will soon provide detailed information on local recycling facilities.

Google is boosting its efforts to raise awareness of the need to preserve the environment. Having announced the launch of a low-carbon routes feature and automated warnings for drivers planning to travel through low-emissions zones in major European cities, Google Maps is now preparing to list locations where used products can be recycled.

Find out where to recycle waste

You will soon be able to find out where to recycle or correctly dispose of waste from business profiles on Google Maps. Companies will have the option of adding information about items they recycle on their business profiles, which will be accessible in Google searches and Google Maps. The idea is to enable people to easily find local composting systems and firms that recycle clothing, electronics, batteries, bulbs, and glass etc..

Users will be able to input recycling locations

Soon, all users of the service will be able to fill in information on recycling depots in their city, in the same way that they already can, for example, for electric-vehicle charging stations and second-hand stores.

Give eco-friendly companies a boost

Users will also be able to offer encouragement and support to recycling facilities and companies by posting photographs and positive reviews. The overall goal is to allow people to communicate about any initiatives that aim to preserve the environment.

The new features are to be progressively rolled out in all the countries around the globe where Google Maps is available.

David Bénard