New Google Bard AI Can Generate Image Prompts, Draft Emails & More

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After undergoing user testing for an extended period of time, Google Bard has officially been unveiled to the public at the Google I/O conference. The AI assistant will be available in more than 180 countries, with a suite of exciting features that doubles down on bringing convenience to users.

From generating email drafts to inspiring a creative project, here are some of the key features it offers.

Visual Prompt Responses

google bard
google bard

Ask Google Bard a query, and you won’t just get text, but supplementary images to give you a visual representation of your answers. For example, the question “What are some must-see sights in New Orleans?” will generate a list of attractions, along with accompanying images from sources on the Internet.

Custom Image Generation

google bard
google bard

While this feature isn’t available yet, users can expect to see it roll out in the next couple of months with Adobe Firefly integration. Enter a prompt into Google Bard, and watch as it generates an image based on your prompt. There’s many creative ways to use this feature, whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration, or unable to find that specific image you need for a project.

Drafting Emails

You don’t have to paste over Bard’s generated response in Gmail : simply click the ‘Draft in Gmail’ button to get started, and let Google Bard create an email draft for you! You do need to specify certain details though, and of course, proofread before you send that email, but the process is made much more convenient with Bard taking over the formatting.

Google Bard is meant as a companion to optimising workflows, and the AI assistant will cite its sources, as well as direct users to a more in-depth search of their responses using the ‘Google It’ button in Bard. In time, users could see integrations from Kayak, OpenTable, ZipRecruiter, Instacart, Wolfram, and Khan Academy, as Bard seeks to create a new way of using AI.

With the recent buzz surrounding AI, it was only a matter of time before Google stood its ground against other AI counterparts – and from the look of things, it seems the tech giant has gotten off on the right foot. More convenience is always welcome in the busy world of today, after all, and only time will tell if this new offering can live up to its promise.

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