Google announces new AI-powered Vids app coming to Workspace

The new tool is capable of making a video from a storyboard (Andrew Matthews/PA Archive)
The new tool is capable of making a video from a storyboard (Andrew Matthews/PA Archive)

Google has revealed that it is bringing new generative AI features to its Google Workspace suite of cloud-native productivity tools, which includes Docs, Sheets and Slides, to improve daily collaboration for its millions of professional users.

The most noteworthy feature is Google Vids, a new programme that enables users to make videos with the help of generative AI.

The announcement came at the three-day Google Cloud Next event in Las Vegas, which took place this week.

But what is Google Vids and when will it become available?

What is Google Vids?

Google describes Google Vids as a "video, writing, production and editing assistant" powered by artificial intelligence. The application can, for instance, create a storyboard for a film, compile a user's initial draft using selected scenes from stock footage and even choose the ideal voiceover. The straightforward design allows users to collaborate on videos in the same manner that they can in Google Docs.

“This is your video editing, writing and production assistant, all in one,” Aparna Pappu, the general manager at Google Workspace, said. “We help transform the assets you already have – whether marketing copy or images or whatever else in your drive – into a compelling video.”

The tool will assist in producing training materials, job-related congratulations movies and product pitches.

All users have to do is create a storyboard with the desired photos after answering a prompt that asks them to describe how they want their video to look.

After that, users can rearrange the various video segments, include any necessary transitions, add audio tracks, choose a template and even include a screenplay with a voiceover that has already been recorded. Instead of exchanging emails back and forth all the time, teams can gather together and remark on the video in real time.

When will Google Vids be introduced?

Google Vids will be introduced to Workspace Labs this June.