Google to alter ad practices, France imposes fine

Alphabet's Google has agreed to make changes to some of its widely-used online advertising services.

It's part of an unprecedented settlement with France's antitrust watchdog released on Monday (June 7).

The authority also fined the U.S. tech giant 220 million euros, or about $267 million, after a probe found it abused its market power in the online ad business.

The French watchdog's decision is an attempt to rebalance the power struggle over advertising in favour of publishers.

They held sway in the business in the pre-Internet era, but lost ground with the rise of Google and Facebook.

The watchdog said the decision opens the way for some publishers to seek damages from Google.

A spokesperson for the firm didn't immediately reply to a request for comment.

But the watchdog said Google would not seek to appeal the authority's decision in court.

The French competition authority's investigation focused on the tools Google offers publishers to sell and manage online ads.

Now the settlement shows the firm is ready to bend to antitrust pressure and make operational changes to some of its most popular ad business tools.