Goodbye, Remy! Eatery at posh KL mall closed for cleaning and pest control

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The Japanese eatery where rats were found has been shut for cleaning until further notice.

Food court operator Food Republic announced the closure yesterday, after images of two rats scurrying about on the kitchen floor grabbed the attention of a diner who later posted about it online. The customer, named Sarah Liana, was at the Teppanyaki store of the food court at the Pavilion KL mall on Monday when she saw the pests.

“We deeply regret the encounter of pests found at the Teppanyaki stall within Food Republic,” the operator said in a statement.

“Teppanyaki shall remain closed until hygiene and safety checks are conducted and it is deemed safe to re-open,” it added.

Sarah shared about the incident on Instagram earlier yesterday, accusing Teppanyaki staff of not taking her complaint seriously despite being notified of the unwelcome guests. She has since reposted Food Republic’s statement to her Instagram account.

The eatery is one of more than a dozen stalls located at the food court of what’s considered to be a posh shopping center in Kuala Lumpur. The other stalls will remain open.

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