Good Samaritans Rescue Elderly Couple From Burning Car Near San Diego

An elderly couple were pulled to safety by several Good Samaritans as their car was engulfed in flames on a highway in Lakeside, California, on September 6.

Marie Macrorie took this video from her car while driving past the scene with her husband.

After capturing the moment on video, Macrorie, a nurse, and her husband, a retired firefighter, pulled over to provide assistance to the couple, ages 90 and 94, while they waited for medics to arrive.

Macrorie told Storyful that the men who rescued the couple had been on their way back from a Bible study and told her they felt that “God had directed them” there that day.

“It was like this moment in time where I had the privilege of watching people treat strangers with incredible love,” Macrorie told Storyful.

“I’ve never seen that kind of heroism in my life, It makes me feel hope,” she added.

The couple and “a bystander” were transported to a hospital for burn injuries, the Lakeside Fire Department said. Credit: Marie Macrorie via Storyful

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