Good Samaritan on Reddit offers to find stranger's $150 sunglasses lost in US lake

This was the moment when two Redditors met to retrieve a pair of expensive sunglasses from the bottom of a lake in Orlando, Florida, on February 5. Footage shows diver Greg and Emmanuel - whose wife lost her sunglasses while fishing on the lake - as they explain the situation of how they met and the recovery of the glasses. Emmanuel explains that after the loss of the sunglasses he contacted various treasure finders who were wanting to charge a price more than double the value of the glasses, which was not worth it for him. At a loss, he posted on Reddit, more specifically, the Orlando subreddit asking for help. "Hey everyone, so my wife dropped her brand new pair of Ray Bans in a Lake tonight... "Wondered if anyone locally have some diving gear and can help me recover them. No visibility underwater but not too deep, probably 10/12 feet. I know exactly where they sunk (close to the shore) and we’ll pay you whatever you ask." Soon enough, Greg commented on the post offering his services free of charge for Emmanuel and they set a date for recovery. Greg, who goes under the moniker "Florida Water Adventures" on YouTube, is a local aficionado of all things water exploration in the local area of Orlando and posts his ramblings regularly. The video shows both the perspective of Emmanuel and Greg as the sunglasses are eventually found. Greg explained: "A dude's wife lost her $150 sunglasses while fishing in a lake in Orlando. "The sunglasses sank to the bottom (about 15 feet deep). "The husband, Emmanuel, contacted treasure finders who wanted to charge $500 to recover the sunglasses. "In desperation, Emmanuel posted on the Orlando Reddit page asking for help." He later explained that Emmanuel offered payment but he refused to accept any money.