The Good Life Guide: Hennessy X.O redefines the night scene in Malaysia

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Hennessy X.O Nights Header Image
Hennessy X.O Nights Header Image

How does Hennessy X.O redefine the party scene in Malaysia? Night Creators — Jeii Pong, Gaston Pong, and Elizabeth Kok — share their thoughts.

To infinity and beyond. The post-pandemic zeitgeist is fuelled by the eagerness to get out and about. Whether it’s day or night, Malaysians can now live (and relive) the good life as restrictions are lifted. One such restriction is the return of the party scene — with the opening of night clubs being permitted from 15 May.

A staple of the night and party scene here in Malaysia is one that those in the know will be very familiar with: Hennessy X.O. Known as the emblematic icon of the Hennessy Maison, the incredibly nuanced cognac was created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870. Since then, the Hennessy X.O has evolved to be synonymous with sophisticated nightlife. 

One might be forgiven for possessing the idea that Hennessy X.O — originally named X.O for ‘extra old’ for its extended ageing process — is still an ‘old man’s drink’. As we travel through the intergalactic entity known as time, the iconic cognac is now more modern and versatile than ever. Prefer to drink it neat? Go for it, or let the cognac meet the rocks for a different sensation.

Hennessy X.O Nights Cognac bottle
Hennessy X.O was originally named X.O for ‘extra old’ (Image by Hennessy)

Deep, powerful, and well-rounded, the inclusion of Hennessy in the concoction of cocktails has also risen in popularity. A purist might be strict about mixing an extra-aged day but Hennessy X.O — a blend of over 100 eaux-de-vie — is said to be able to bring life to many cocktails. These include Summer Delight with freshly squeezed lemon juice, Sprite, and St Germain liqueur; Champs-Elysees with Yellow Chartreuse, lemon juice, and Angostura bitter dashes; as well as Negroni with Campari and sweet vermouth. Time to choose your favourite cocktail!

Hennessy X.O has transcended generations since its creation. The cognac has now arrived at a space and time in which even Malaysians of a younger generation can enjoy. After all, Hennessy X.O goes hand in hand with the night scene here. 

So, are you now ready to step into the Intergalactic space with Hennessy X.O? Hennessy Intergalactic Nights — made for those seeking the finest things in life — promises to bring you through a myriad of ethereal dimensions. Visualise a universe in which Hennessy is the beating heart, with cognac as the substance or element that keeps every mechanism and component going. That’s what the universe, the Hennessy X.O universe, looks like in the future.

Throughout Hennessy Intergalactic Nights, guests will not only enjoy the unique Hennessy X.O but also be taken through a multi-dimensional adventure with different features that will be available such as The Launch, The Hyperspace, The Asteroid Shower, and The New Planet. 

To find out more about what a night out experience should be with Hennessy, we speak to Jeii Pong, Gaston Pong, and Elizabeth Kok — Night Creators known as the epitome of the nightlife scene in Malaysia. From social media to music to DJ-ing, these personalities have crafted names for themselves in their respective fields.

Jeii Pong

Hennessy X.O Jeii Pong
Jeii Pong (@jeii_pong) is a musician and one half of the sibling duo, PongPong.

What does partying with Hennessy X.O mean and look like to you?

It is my best time to unwind and let loose after a long day. Especially after two years of MCO, parties are allowed now! With Hennessy X.O, I enjoy celebrating special occasions and moments with my friends at bars.

How does the Hennessy Intergalactic Nights campaign relate to your work and your passions?

Music is essential for me no matter where I am, or what I am doing — it speaks to my soul! The Hennessy Intergalactic Night is the perfect party for me with good music, interesting set-up, vibe, people, and of course, a Hennessy X.O drink to complete the experience of having a great time!

What is your favourite story involving the Hennessy X.O cognac?

During the lockdown, I started enjoying the time with my close ones with Hennessy X.O. We shared really intimate moments as a family, having a good chat over a drink, or even trying to make cocktails at home🍸, something we always wanted to do as a family and we had lots of fun making them!

Gaston Pong

Hennessy X.O Gaston Pong
Gaston Pong (@gastonpong) is a multilingual singer known for his music and comedy

What does partying with Hennessy X.O mean and look like to you?

Partying with Hennessy X.O reminds me of a good time spent with friends. The drink is so classic and timeless, and reminds me of the long-lasting friendships and special moments I’ve shared — something I resonate with strongly when I think of Hennessy X.O. 

How does the Hennessy Intergalactic Nights campaign relate to your work and your passions?

As a musician myself, I do enjoy the nightlife scene, not only the entertainment I get from parties, most importantly quality time spent with people. Hopefully through the Hennessy Intergalactic Nights campaign, people discover more local nightlife and music scenes they can tap into, whether for a casual after work drink or just a spot to listen to music and vibe with new people.  

What is your favourite story involving the Hennessy X.O cognac?

Hennessy X.O cognac is like a buddy for me when it comes to songwriting. As I enjoy its rich complex taste, it helps me get into the mood of writing. Fun fact, just like X.O stands for Extra Old, it helps me write songs of the retro genre better! Stay tuned for my new songs with retro vibes!

Elizabeth Kok

Hennessy X.O Elizabeth Kok
Elizabeth Kok (@elizabethmnmm) is a popular DJ who’s no stranger to the Malaysian night scene

What does partying with Hennessy X.O mean and look like to you?

If I could relive a party scene with Hennessy X.O, the first thing that comes to mind would be a time of me hyping the crowd during my DJ set and setting the mood for the night and everyone is having a great time. A dedicated Hennessy bar next to my set would be an interesting set-up where I could be given a Hennessy X.O cocktail based on the songs I’ll be remixing so I get a different feeling each time I have a drink (haha).

How does the Hennessy Intergalactic Nights campaign relate to your work and your passions?

As a DJ, I am exposed to the music and bar scene very often and I meet different people every night from all walks of life. What I enjoy the most during these times is sharing good music with people over a Hennessy X.O drink. The mood is also lightened up and the partying happens after a drink or two and it’s to no surprise that most of the time, the choice of drink is Hennessy X.O which is also called ‘The life of the party’ to some of us because of the good vibes you feel.

What is your favourite story involving the Hennessy X.O cognac?

One of my favourite story is something that I hold close to my heart — I remember sharing a Hennessy X.O drink with my dad and we shared a really special moment and talk, something that doesn’t happen very often for us due to our busy lives. We opened up and had a heart-to-heart talk.

Can’t wait to be a part of the intergalactic journey? You can also partake in the new elevated Hennessy X.O experience. Here’s how: click here to register.

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