KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 23 (Bernama) -- Good leadership is not just about vision or even vision turned into action but also vital moral qualities like integrity and honesty in public office, said the Deputy King of Malaysia Sultan Nazrin Shah.

The Sultan of Perak said Malaysia's second Prime Minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein demonstrated these in abundance.

He said Abdul Razak shunned all manner of corruption and was obsessed that not a penny of government funding was used to pay for his personal needs.

"Indëed, he is famously remembered for admonishing his officers for mistakenly putting a tube of toothpaste on the government tab while on an official trip abroad,” His  Royal Highness  said when officiating the renaming of a lecture theatre at Ofxord University's Blavatnik School of Government (BSG) as  the Tun Razak Lecture Theatre in the United Kingdom on Friday.

A copy of the text of his speech was made available to Bernama.





Sultan Nazrin, an alumni of Oxford University's Worcester College,  said it was a great honour for Abdul Razak,  known as Malaysia's Father of Development,  that the hall was named after him.

"As such, the commemoration of one of Malaysia’s Founding Fathers within these walls could hardly be more fitting.  With his passion for good governance and deep concern for the well-being of the disadvantaged, Tun Razak would undoubtedly have felt at home here at the BSG.  

"There is so much that chimes between the BSG’s stated vision of ‘a world better led, a world better served and a world better governed’, and Tun Razak’s own vision for his country; and within this lecture theatre, that same vision will no doubt be instilled in the minds and hearts of many generations of leaders to come," said His Royal Highness.

Sultan Nazrin added that the world is great need today because everyday in the news, "we hear stories of corruption, of abuses of power, of leaders who put self above country.

"I find it most heartening, then, to observe that the notion of public service is instilled in the core values of the BSG, in its vision of a world better led, better served, and better governed.  Tun Razak would undoubtedly have approved!

"In its seven short years of existence, the Blavatnik School of Government has already educated and inspired numerous individuals now in leadership roles across the globe.  It is my sincere hope that the achievements and ideals of that extraordinary man, Tun Razak – now commemorated in the name of this lecture theatre – will serve to inspire all those who are yet to pass through this prestigious institution, to become the leaders, the visionaries and the public servants of tomorrow."