'Take That': Goliath Stick Insect Gets Defensive With Bug Enthusiast

A goliath stick insect didn’t seem in the mood to play as it took a swing at the hand of a Queensland woman holding it up for the camera, footage posted to Instagram shows.

Lisa Van Kula Donovan, a resident of Torbanlea, Queensland, regularly shares interesting moments with her collection of arachnid and insect pets to social media.

In this footage, the stick insect uses one of its legs to take a few jabs at Van Kula Donovan’s hand.

Posting the video to Instagram, she wrote, “Enjoy this video of one of my female goliath stick insects getting all defensive with me, lol. You can hear the wings as she flicks them out, and see that red she has underneath as a warning.”

The insects aren’t dangerous to humans, but Van Kula Donovan added that they “can pinch you with their hind leg spurs and that can hurt a little…but not really.”

Her Instagram account, with the apt title of wannabe_entomologist, boasts over 42,000 followers. This video was featured on the account on January 16. Credit: Lisa Van Kula Donovan via Storyful