Golf Pro and 'Manny the Mannequin' Demonstrate Social-Distancing Rules for Miami Country Club

Miami-Dade County gave the green light for parks, marinas, and golf courses to open at 6 am on April 29, with restrictions, local media reported.

County Mayor Carlos Giménez said individual cities had the right to make their own decisions on whether to reopen public spaces under their control, but that the county’s parks would be opening.

In this video, created by Deering Bay, a country club, guidelines on how to maintain a social distance while golfing are presented.

“Your driver is typically about four feet in length and if I added it to my arm, it adds a couple more feet,” Dave Ragan, the club’s head golfing professional, said. He demonstrates by holding the driver up to measure whether he is six feet away from fellow golfers.

Other rules include not touching the flagpole and not using the club’s ball washers.

“Limited touching,” he adds in the video. Credit: Deering Bay via Storyful