Golden Retriever Puppy Discovers Her Love For Cranberry Picking

Golden retrievers are one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world. Intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and fun-loving, these breeds capture the hearts of anyone who knows them. Aurora is a 6 month old puppy who is exploring at the cottage with her family. She has been left for the weekend with her "doggy grandparents" while her human Christian, is traveling. And spoiling puppies is the right of all doggy grandparents. Aurora has been taken on hikes in the forest and for a boat ride to the family cottage. A tradition at this time of year is to pick cranberries from the flooded grassland at the side of the lake. Aurora has been invited along with Raven, the Great Dane. Cranberry marshes are a delight for any water loving dog because they are shallow and perfect for bounding and splashing. The water is cold at this time of year, but the day is a surprisingly warm one for October and Aurora is thrilled to discover such a wonderful playground. Dave has a tub of berries and Aurora is adorably curious so he shows her what is in the tub. It shouldn't surprise him when Aurora snatches a few, but who would have guessed that a puppy would actually eat a tart cranberry? Aurora took an instant liking to them and she quickly learned that her family was picking them from the underwater shrubs. She stuck her nose in to get her share, as well as some that were floating on the surface. She munches happily and then bounds away to see what Raven is up to on the edge of the marsh. Aurora is a beautiful soul with a loving personality. She delights her family as they share new experiences with her as often as they can.