Golden Retriever Pulls Startled Face After Discovering He's Not Home Alone

A golden retriever pulled a shocked and surprised expression after noticing it was being watched by its owner in Andover, Minnesota, on Saturday, May 6.

Amber Mattson began recording her family’s golden retriever, Cooper, after hearing him howl for the first time.

Mattson told Storyful that she suspected Cooper believed he was home alone, which caused his hilarious “huh?’” reaction after noticing he in fact had company.

“I had the day off of work on Saturday, but usually I’m out of the house the earliest for work. [Cooper] never sees me leave for work because he’s asleep. I slept in on Saturday, and my parents left to run some errands. I was in bed on my phone when I heard him howling. We’ve never heard him howl before, so I started recording in my bedroom in case he heard my door open.”

Cooper’s reaction to being discovered has amassed more than 49 million views on TikTok. Credit: Amber Mattson via Storyful

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